Thank you to all the excellent haiku entries… but as you all knew, there could be only one winner!  

Congratulations to ramenbow.  I am a sucker for foreign languages, and ramenbow just so happened to write a haiku IN JAPANESE.  

Here are all the versions of the haiku:





kuromushi o yumi
hana wa nise


Wilted cry fading
The black beetle bows its head
The flowers are fake!


Enjoy your prize, ramenbow: bragging rights, and a video of me attempting the proper Japanese inflection……. with a lightsaber.  

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    Eyup I have a crush on Steve… he’s just too cool.
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    Yeah, the translation is a little… Off but pretty damn close. Obviously it has to change to make it count match. But to...
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    if you don’t think Steve is awesome you’re wrong
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    This was so much better then anything I came up with. Gratz to the winner.
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    Steve, stop making me think you’re more and more awesome. I can only take so much epicosity on a day to day basis....
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    THIS HAS TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL POEM I HAVE EVER READ. BRAVO. Also, it’s cool that the Haiku is still the proper...
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