Show day

Show day


Where can you meet GG The Steam Powered Giraffe, The Walter Workers, and see a full 2 hour concert by the original steam man band? Well, we’ve tightened all the screws, defragmented the harddrives, and turned the dial up to 11 for an evening you won’t soon forget!

Join Steam Powered Giraffe back in their hometown of San Diego Thursday, July 24th and see the show how it was meant to be experienced! Special appearances by the other Walter bots GG The Giraffe, QWERTY, and BeeBop! Get your tickets today!
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QWERTY is also a fan of Will Smith. 

Thank you message 2 of 2!!!

Hey everyone! 

An incredibly huge thank you to all who submitted a piece of art for my 1-day art challenge.  I like having a visual representation of my game characters, and I LOVE seeing all the different interpretations and art styles that emerge.

Here is the other half of the submissions, aren’t the sweet?! 

You all rock me like a typhoon!  Never stop creating!  

Now I’m off to bring Kanu “The Wildcat” to life!  

Thanks again!