killerbunniestudios asked: So if you were inside the Megaman game, who'd you go after first? I tried going after Airman and.. yeeeaahh...

All the Mega-Pros out there already know the proper MM2 Robot Master assault order.  But for those youngsters out there who never knew the joy of tearing through MM2 on the original NES, here’s your Mega strategy guide from Steve. 

NUMBER ONE: AIR MAN.  Because the Mega Buster is the most effective weapon against him.  Also, you get Item 2 (the rocket sled) after you beat him, which is critical for Heat Man’s stage. 

NUMBER TWO: METAL MAN.  Because the Metal Blades are the deadliest weapon in the game.  8 DIRECTIONAL FIRING?  Groundbreaking for the world of sidescrollers.  

NUMBER THREE: BUBBLE MAN.  Because metal tears through bubbles like… metal through a bubble.  

NUMBER FOUR: HEAT MAN.  Because bubbles cool down the hotness like your embarrassing grandma interrupting your second date.  Don’t forget your rocket sled over that pesky lava flow!  (I’ve never even once used the disappearing blocks to cross.)  

NUMBER FIVE: WOOD MAN.  Because a fully charged blast of the Atomic Fire makes charcoal out of that log.  

NUMBER SIX: CRASH MAN.  Because the Copipi swarms are rendered useless against the mighty Leaf Shield.  And you can BLOW CRASHY-BOY AWAY with that Air Shooter.  

NUMBER SEVEN: FLASH MAN.  Because that Crash Bomber makes it easy to snag an E-Tank, and the Metal Blades make life FLASH before FLASH MAN’S eyes.  Ho ho hoooooooo!  

NUMBER EIGHT: QUICK MAN.  Because he’s the last one.  Time Stopper is only useful on him.  HOW LAME DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO SUFFER DAMAGE FROM DOING NOTHING?!?!  The pink outfit he gives you is pretty sharp though.  

Now that you know the secrets, go and save the world.  Then save it about 200 more times with all the subsequent sequels and series evolutions.  


steam-powered-giraffe-time asked: Dude can you teach me how to be so cool and awesome like you?

BEING COOL IS EASY.  You just have to complete these simple tasks.  

First, collect a few brown rocks for me (139,377 brown rocks to be precise)

Then, defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags. 

Then, pilfer the lost staff of Mount Schuler.

THEN you shall bring me the head of the Destroyer of Worlds. 



spacemuffinz asked: Hi I have a question do you motorcycle? I can totally imagine it.

I ride a BMW R1200C.  You know, like this one: 

Except mine is black and sadly without Michelle Yeoh on it…..


Downvote if you must, but I’m posting this again because I didn’t sell these at Old Tucson.  

If you happen to be at the Calico Ghost Town tomorrow, I’ll have these bits and pieces for sale. 

Just some old costume accessories from my early days.  

Metal welding valve/nozzles - $5 each

Air Tank - $10

Canadian WWII Gas mask - $100

Or make me an offer!  



sircrumplehat asked: Are you a dragon?

You know how lots of people fantasize about being a dragon?  

I’m pretty sure that in the dragon parallel universe, lots of dragons fantasize about being me.  

The Adventures of Lil’ Steve! - Three Sisters Waterfall Adventure! 

Lil’ Steve goes on a journey of self-discovery… and discovers that he’s a loud, boisterous, egotistical doll made of yarn who watches too much anime……